Visiting Pingshan

I want to try local food.


Hakka culture is well-reflected in Pingshan, where you can find authentic Hakka cuisines at many local restaurants.

Tea cakes

Hakka people like to make tea cakes for festivals. In Pingshan, almost every household can make tea cakes, which include a wide variety of steamed cakes and snacks. Making tea cakes is often used to gauge whether a housewife is capable of her share of domestic contributions in Hakka families. Tea cakes normally have rice or glutinous rice as a coating and are filled with salty or sweet ingredients like meat floss, beans, peanuts and bean pastes.

Ngiong tew foo

It is made by tofu cubes with minced meat (usually pork), and then fried until it produces a golden brown color, or it can be braised.

Salt-baked chicken

This dish was originally baked in a heap of hot salt, but many modern restaurants simply cook in brine, or cover it with a salty mixture before steaming it or baking it in an oven.