The Pingshan International Talent Community, which aims to offer valuable and high-quality information services to international talents, was put into service recently at the public culture service center of Liuhe Community, Pingshan Subdistrict.

Photos and video from Pingshan Media Center.

The community includes a welcome center, an exhibition center and a communication center.

The welcome center showcases the inspiring stories of talents from various sectors in Pingshan.

The communication center includes a movie area, a discussion area, a reading booth and a bar. In the future, domestic and overseas big names and leading innovators in different fields will be invited here to give lectures and share their ideas on the innovative development of Pingshan and Shenzhen from a global perspective.

In addition, an expat service center will be established to provide 12 services such as temporary residence registration, consultation on legal and tax affairs and English services for entry and exit.

Yuan Qing, the chairman of Pingshan High-level Talents Association, said that it is exciting and encouraging that the CPC Pingshan District Committee and Pingshan government are so devoted to providing services to international talents and building an international talent community of tolerance and openness.

A scene at the communication center
A scene at the communication center
A scene at the welcome center
Pingshan International Talent Community