Video | Fight the virus, stay with Shenzhen



Video | Fight the virus, stay with Shenzhen (Click to watch the video)

"Think globally, act locally, this is the core which can be best described for creating this video," said Sun Jin, head of Pingshan Media Center and producer of the video, during an interview with the Shenzhen Daily.

Pingshan is an emerging district in Shenzhen which aims to attract more global talents. Pingshan Media Center is also a booming media agency that is trying to present more people-oriented news to the whole world.

"So we decided to create a video which can capture the true spirit of expatriates who live and work in the city. During the epidemic, we witnessed many touching moments together, so we chose people from different countries and different occupations who share one thing in common: they are trying to protect the city with their own actions. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. We are looking forward to a better healthy world. Let's heal the world!" said Sun.