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Education highlighted to attract high-level talents



Pingshan will be devoted to developing high-quality elementary education and introducing quality education resources, said district head Li Yong at the penal discussion of the Pingshan delegation to the Eighth Session of the Sixth Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress at the Civic Center on Thursday.

According to Li, despite the rapid growth that Pingshan has seen in the past few years, with an increasing population and the development of industries, the demand for quality education, especially quality elementary education, is also increasing.

“We’ve talked to some high-level talents, such as scientists, and they care a lot about the schooling of their children and whether they can receive a high-quality education here,” said Li.

To build an advantage in education in Pingshan, the district will reach out to high-level primary, middle and high schools in China as well as talents in elementary education. Hopefully, the next few years will witness the establishment of the first Pingshan campuses of domestically renowned middle schools.

At present, Shenzhen Senior High School and Shenzhen Middle School have set up campuses in Pingshan. The Pingshan campus of Shenzhen Senior High School was put into operation last September, and the Pingshan campus of Shenzhen Middle School is still under construction.

Additionally, the government is going to build a high school town in Pingshan.

According to Ren Tong, a deputy from the Pingshan delegation, the government should also take action to encourage and motivate private schools with measures like improving the income of private school teachers.

At the meeting, both Li and Tao Yongxin, Party chief of the Pingshan District Committee of the CPC, expressed their hope that Shenzhen Normal University will be built in Pingshan District.