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Unruly parking rampant on unnamed road in Pingshan


A RESIDENT surnamed Chen told a reporter with the Shenzhen Evening News that unruly parking is rampant on an unnamed road in Pingshan District.

This has been the situation for at least one year, according to Chen.

The reporter with the News then visited the place and found that cars had been parked all along both sides of the road, starting from Le’anju International Hotel to the entrance of the Dawan cultural square residential community.

“These cars are extremely annoying. However, what is more irritating is that making complaints hasn’t worked,” said Chen.

Residents living nearby have complained about this situation to traffic police many times. However, people have continued to park their cars as usual not long after being corrected by the traffic police, the report said.

“Most cars are parked here temporarily. The problem is not actually caused by people living nearby,” said a resident.

According to Pingshan traffic police, they are not authorized to handle these cars based on the relevant laws, as the road is unnamed and does not have a no-parking sign. As a result, they suggested that the relevant departments name the road to facilitate its management.

The reporter then informed the Pingshan transportation bureau of the situation. Staff at the bureau said that the road currently should be managed by the community, because the property rights of the road have not been transferred to the authority.

As a result, they advised the community to regulate these cars before the rights issue is addressed.