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Multiple activities mark International Women’s Day


To celebrate the 109th International Women’ Day, Pingshan District held a series of activities for its female residents, including a flower arrangement course, sports games and parent-child classes.

Sports games in Kengzi Subdistrict

The Women’s Federation in Kengzi Subdistrict hosted sports games March 5 at the Guagnzu Middle School.

A total of 260 women from 12 teams representing departments and communities in the subdistrict took part in the games.

The Bluesky Team and Dream Chasing Team, both from the Kengzi Community, won the first and second places, followed by the Tough Rose Team from Shatian Community.

Flower arrangement course in Longtian

Longtian Subdistrict invited a teacher to instruct female representatives in arranging flowers March 6. The teacher started the class by giving an introduction on selecting, preserving and placing flowers.

DIY bookmark

The Party Service Center of the Pingshan Subdistrict held a parent-child activity where kids and their moms created handmade bookmarks together.

A mom, surnamed Chen, said the activity was quite meaningful because the kids were motivated to explore their creativity while having a great time with their moms.