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Road opens, cutting Pingshan to CBD to 40 minutes


THE 18-km Phase III of Nanping Expressway that links Hengping Flyover in Longgang and Longping Flyover in Pingshan was put into operation yesterday, cutting the trip between Shenzhen CBD and Pingshan District to 40 minutes.

Along the expressway, 15 flyovers interchange with Shuiguan Expressway, Eastern Border-crossing Expressway, Pingyan Passage, Maluan Road North, Longping Road and Outer Ring Expressway. The section between Hengping Flyover and Zhongshan Flyover has a designated speed limit of 60 kilometers per hour and the section between Zhongshan Flyover and Outer Ring Expressway is designated at 80 kilometers per hour.

The remaining 4.2 kilometers between Longping Flyover and Julong Road and its interchange flyovers will be put into operation before the end of the year.

During the trial operation, the Shenzhen transport commission has opened entrances and exits on Hengping Flyover and Longping Flyover. The remaining flyovers will be opened after the links with other roads are completed.