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City aims to boost marine economy


MARINE industries in Shenzhen will be greatly improved over the next 30 years, according to a document recently approved by the municipal government aimed at making Shenzhen a global marine city by the middle of this century.

The document, drafted by the city’s urban planning and land authority, gained approval from the municipal government at a recent conference, according to the Southern Metropolis Daily.

With the government’s lead and the market’s participation, the development of the marine economy has been named a key strategy for the city’s future, according to the document.

Systematically, the document lists out detailed goals for various aspects of marine development including industries, technology, space, ecology, culture and global management.

Shenzhen aims to accomplish these goals in three steps. By 2020, the city expects to see evident growth in the marine economy with steady improvements to the ocean’s ecological environment and to take the lead in ocean management nationwide.

By 2035, Shenzhen will have raised the influence of its marine economy in the Asia-Pacific region and basically become a global marine city. The ultimate goal is to become a global center with a strong influence in the world’s marine economy by the middle of this century.

Marine enterprises in Shenzhen will receive substantial support from the city government under the decision. The city will also further attract marine-related industries to settle here, with its quality business environment and favorable policies.

Public space that is welcoming to residents is also one of the key aspects to be developed, according to the document. More coastal parks, marine centers and leisure areas will be constructed for residents to enjoy Shenzhen’s great marine resources as well as learn more about the oceans.