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Pingshan inaugurates cultural development company


A STATE-OWNED enterprise that aims to enhance cultural development in Pingshan District was officially inaugurated Thursday, the first day of the 14th China (Shenzhen) International Culture Industries Fair.

Government officials and representatives from cultural, creative and art enterprises attended the inauguration ceremony at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

The company, Eastern Shenzhen Cultural Development Co. Ltd., was set up by Pingshan District, which is the youngest administrative region in Shenzhen after coming into being just last year.

“The purpose of setting up such a company is to help the operation and integration of all affairs regarding cultural development in the district,” said Wu Jun, head of Pingshan’s publicity department.

Wu said that the district is very young, but has an abundance of ecological and cultural resources, such as the Maluan Mountain and the time-honored heritage buildings of the Hakka culture. Thus, the district government hopes to simultaneously put an equal focus on the area’s cultural and urban development.

“We believe that the company will have a promising future with many opportunities to work with various kinds of other cultural enterprises to help Pingshan become an area with rich culture and well-developed cultural brands,” said Wu.

She invited other cultural companies in the private sector and expressed her hope that more partners will join the project.

Although the company has just been inaugurated, the district has already achieved a lot in building up the city’s cultural brands and image, according to Pan Wei’en, a representative of the newly inaugurated company.

“Two projects were carried out smoothly over the past year in Pingshan,” said Pan, “One was Pingshan City Studies (坪山城市书房) and the other involved the creation and production of cultural products that represent Pingshan’s regional image (坪山文创计划).”

For the next step, the company will focus on further developing the Pingshan Sculpture Creative Park, a theme park around Fengtian heritage building and Longtian Tourism Town, said the representative.

Also, the company announced it would collect original ideas for a logo for the company from designers and design institutions around the country. A prize of 100,000 yuan (US$15,751) will be awarded to the designer whose idea is adopted.

The company is also recruiting managerial personnel at the moment. Competitive remuneration and welfare will be provided, said Pan.

At the district’s ICIF subvenues, a series of events, including the 2018 Pingshan International Sculpture Exhibition, the first Pingshan Home Furnishing Shopping Festival, Jingui Ecological Cultural Arts Festival and an exhibition of Chinese calligraphy and ancient China’s ceramics, are under way.