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Holiday vehicle reservations get mixed response


BUSINESS operators in Dapeng, including eatery and hotel owners, are calling for cancellation of the vehicle reservation rule for Dapeng Peninsula as their income was greatly affected during the May Day holiday.

Despite the traffic condition being greatly improved in Dapeng, the tourist attraction in the east of the city, the business operators saw business drop significantly.

A hotel owner surnamed Chen with more than 200 rooms to offer holidaymakers said during last year’s May Day holiday, 90 percent of the rooms were booked. This year, however, only 12 rooms were booked for Sunday, the first day of the holiday, and the situation was only slightly better the following two days.

The number of visitors to tourist attractions, restaurants and hotels in Dapeng saw a significant reduction during the holiday, according to Luo Jianqiang, head of the Dapeng B&B Association.

“Compared to the May Day holiday last year, the number of visitors to tourist attractions decreased by at least 6 percent. It was hard to get a bed at a hotel for the May Day holiday last year, but there was sufficient supply this year. Some restaurant owners complained that the number of diners had been reduced by 60 percent compared to last year,” said Luo, suggesting the vehicle reservation rule, which reduces number of visitors and affects the tourism in Dapeng, be canceled.

Police set a quota of 30,000 drivers a day to Dapeng Peninsula during this May Day holiday. Drivers who entered Dapeng without a reservation would be fined 300 yuan (US$47.7) and have three penalty points added to their licenses.

The rule was praised by holidaymakers, as the traffic situation was greatly improved and there was no congestion during the holiday on the peninsula.

A driver surnamed Peng drove to Dapeng on Monday, the second day of the holiday.

“I learned from my friends that the traffic was great in Dapeng on the first day and it proved to be true,” said Peng. Peng is satisfied with her holiday experience, as there weren’t crowds at the tourist attractions and parking was easy.

Official statistics show the number of vehicles entering the Dapeng area dropped by 8 percent on the first day and 12 percent on the second day of the holiday, compared to the same period last year.

The reduction in Dapeng traffic may have resulted in an increase of vehicles in the Meisha area, as the tourist attraction in Yantian became the crowdest area for the holiday.

Statistics showed that roads to Meisha saw heavy traffic during the holiday. The traffic to Huizhou and Dapeng was smooth after passing the Dameisha Tollgate, where drivers turn to go to the Meisha area.

Shang Xuebing, chief of the Dapeng traffic police unit, thinks the new rule needs a period of time for the public to adapt.

Police said they would refer to the data when deciding whether the vehicle registration system will be expanded to other eastern tourism areas.