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HK students visit Pingshan Tong Xin Foreign Language School


Twenty-eight students from Hong Kong’s Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School (SEKSS) paid a visit to its sister school, Tong Xin Foreign Language School, in Pingshan District and had fun participating in the ink-wash, science and innovation classes under the STEAM curriculum framework.

The 28 Hong Kong students and 15 students from Tong Xin Foreign Language School were split into 14 groups, each group having two Hong Kong students and one student from the Pingshan school.

Lee Ka-fai, a teacher from SEKSS, gave seven groups of students a Hong Kong-style information and technology class, during which he asked students to choose a “red line,” “green line” or “yellow line” and fulfill their tasks within 20 minutes. According to the rules, students who chose the “red line” were required to go to the high school teaching building and observe 15 classes from grades 7 to 9 in order to learn more about campus life at Tong Xin Foreign Language School. Those who chose a “green line” went to explore rooms with different functions, such as a geography room, music room, art room, dance room, physics lab, bit-lab and STEAM curriculum classroom. “Blue Line” students went to the sports fields to play football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, rugby, etc.

Teacher Lee’s class attached importance to students’ hands-on skills and was very interactive. After the students finished exploring, Lee asked them to use what they had found to make interesting short videos.

Meanwhile, an art teacher from Tong Xin Foreign Language School named Li Yuan led the other seven groups in learning to make ink-wash paintings. They brushed paste, ink and water on tables to make the paintings and then printed them onto silk fans.

During the two-day visit, Hong Kong students also visited Shenzhen Industrial Museum, Shenzhen Science Museum, BYD Automobile Factory and Shenzhen Museum. (Shenzhen Daily)