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Pingshan raids polluters over illegal discharge


TO further crack down on illegal acts of discharging pollutants into rivers, the environment protection and water affairs authorities in Pingshan District recently raided companies suspected of polluting water at night.

A total of 17 companies along the Pingshan River were found to have violated laws and caused damage to the environment. The authority has issued 12 shut-down orders, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported yesterday.

The law enforcement teams found that one of the companies, Honglida Technology, had not updated the address on its business license and failed to apply for environmental-protection approvals within one month of receiving a warning from the district’s water affairs bureau.

The company was also suspected of discharging pollutants into the river.

Citywide, environmental departments have spared no efforts against water polluters. In November, a metal products company in Shenzhen was fined 12.39 million yuan (US$1.88 million) for discharging pollutants exceeding standards.

This was the first fine of more than 10 million yuan ever issued to a polluter in Shenzhen. The agency has revoked the company’s sewage discharging license while it is under correction.

The violator, Shenzhen Yonglixin Metal Products Co., was caught having discharged pollutants both directly without treatment and through hidden pipes. The company didn’t correct its illegal practices after it was first caught.