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Country continues lifting swine fever quarantine


THE authorities lifted quarantine in three more areas hit by African swine fever, as prevention and control measures have put outbreaks under control.

Laboratory tests and on-site assessments by local authorities show that the epidemic has been eliminated in the counties of Taoyuan and Yuanling in Central Hunan Province and Taiyuan, North Shanxi Province, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said yesterday on its website.

No new cases have been reported in the three infected areas over the past six weeks, with immediate actions having been taken to block, cull and disinfect affected pigs after the outbreak.

The ministry has demanded local governments step up monitoring of pigs and take proactive measures to prevent recurrence of the disease.

At least 631,000 pigs have been culled across the country since the outbreak as early as the end of September, while measures including strengthened monitoring of live pig transportation and tightened entry inspection and quarantine have been taken.

In November, the ministry imposed eight rules to prevent and control the spread of the swine fever and to investigate the epidemic more effectively, according to the ministry’s online statement.

“Some animal husbandry personnel and veterinarians failed to perform their duty in accordance with the law, which delayed the disease control work and caused the disease to spread across regions,” it said.

The rules prohibit lying, postponing action or obstructing others in connection with the disease.

Thanks to these efforts, the situation has started to improve and restrictions have been lifted in about 38 affected areas.

African swine fever is a highly deadly infectious disease among pigs and wild boars. It cannot however be transmitted to humans, and other animal species are also not susceptible to the viral disease.