Living in Pingshan

Pingshan: a perfect home for you



With beautiful scenery, fresh air and convenient living conditions, Pingshan will be a perfect home for you.

Pingshan River, one of Shenzhen's main rivers, runs through the district. Two greenways and one suburban park have been planned, which are Pingshan-Longgang greenway in the north, Pingshan-Kengzi greenway in the east and Maluan Mountain forest park in the south.

Pingshan is home to two famous mountains in Shenzhen: Maluan Mountain and Jingui Mountain. The waterfall in the Maluan Mountain is the biggest natural waterfall in Shenzhen. Jingui Mountain is one of the homes to the best-preserved wild plants in Shenzhen. Both are good places for hiking.

Hakka culture is well reflected in Pingshan, where you can visit well-preserved Hakka residences, such as Dawan Ancestral Residence and Longtian Ancestral Residence, which were built in 1791 and 1837, respectively.

Infrastructures, such as cinema, library and sport center in Pingshan, will enrich the cultural life of its residents.

From kindergarten to adult education, Pingshan provides residents with high-quality and all-level education services. At the administrative center of Pingshan District is the Pingshan Experimental School, which has 54 classes and can provide education to more than 2,500 students of grade one through grade nine.

Pingshan has developed a community health network with nearly 2,000 medical staff and is building a top hospital, Julong Hospital.

Pingshan has good commerce and service industries, and an increasingly amount of financial institutions. Within 20 minutes drive, you can get from Pingshan to Shenzhen’s beach villa area and some seaside resorts. Within half an hour drive, you will find seven golf courses.