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Four industrial parks

1. Biomedicine Industrial Park

The Biomedicine Industrial Park is located at the northeastern part of Pingshan District. It occupies 3.29 square kilometers. The industrial park focuses on biomedical engineering, biomedicine, modern Chinese medicine, chemical medicine, and medical equipment. There is a National Biology Industrial Base and a biomedicine accelerator in the park.

(1) Shenzhen National Biology Industrial Base

Shenzhen National Biology Industrial Base covers 2.89 square kilometers and is a national base for the biomedicine industry. It is forming a biological industrial chain and a biomedicine industrial cluster that combines research and development, industrialization and large-scale production. It also has an animal test center, a biomedicine GMP trial production center and a biomedicine equipment experiment and production center. At present, there are more than 30 influential biological medicine companies at the base. Investment in the base totals about 4 billion yuan.

Representative companies: Sanofi Pasteur, Salubris, Chipscreen, Omron, Welld, Main Luck Pharmaceuticals, Wellsoon.

(2) Pingshan District Biomedicine Enterprises Accelerator

Shenzhen Pingshan District Biomedicine Enterprises Accelerator is a high-tech achievements transformation base for internationally competitive enterprises.

Located in the core area of the Shenzhen National Biology Industrial Base, the accelerator covers 123,400 square meters with investment of about 693 million yuan. It has 10 buildings and features a medical equipment area, power-assisted area, biological agent zone, service zone and laboratory area. It has a 100,000-sqm medical equipment factory, a 60,000-sqm biomedicine factory, as well as test facilities, public laboratories, quality control faciiteis, chemical warehouses, a library and a dining hall.

Representative companies and service platforms: Junshi, HYK Gene, Shenzhen Testing Center for Medical Devices, Shenzhen Drug Supervision Administration Pingshan District's Drug Supervision Station.

2. New-energy Industrial Park

The New-energy Industrial Park covers 13.5 square kilometers in Shatian and Biling areas of Pingshan District. It mainly serves developers and manufacturers of solar-powered batteries, wind-powered electronic equipment, stored-energy power stations, intellectual electricity networks and biomass energy. The park has a new-energy auto industrial base and an electro-kinetic battery material industrial base.

(1) Shenzhen New Energy Auto Industry Base

Shenzhen New Energy Auto Industry Base is located at the northern part of Pingshan District. It is a national model base for new-energy industry, national innovation platform for power battery, national base for R&D and test of new-energy automobiles, and international trade center for key parts of new-energy automobiles.

Representative companies: BYD, Wuzhoulong

(2) Shenzhen Pingshan Electro-kinetic Battery Material Industrial Base

Shenzhen Pingshan Electro-kinetic Battery Material Industrial Base covers more than 5 square kilometers in the Shenzhen New-energy Auto Industrial Base in Kengzi, Pingshan District. It focuses on developing power battery materials for new-energy vehicles.

Representative companies: Optimum Battery, Mottcell Battery, Sun Energy.

3. Electronic Information Industrial Park

The Electronic Information Industrial Park covers about 40 square kilometers and features the Shenzhen Grand Industrial Park and the Shenzhen Export Processing Park. It mainly serves companies in electronic information areas such as integrated circuits, new-generation electronic parts, new-generation audio products, network products, computer equipment and mobile telecommunications products.

(1) Shenzhen Grand Industrial Park

Set up by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, Shenzhen Grand Industrial Park is a park for high-tech industries and advanced technologies, and the tertiary industry. Covering 39.57 square kilometers, it mainly develops industries including computer and software, micro-electronics and parts, communications, audio and instrumentation products.

Representative companies: Gaoxian Electronics, Rapoo Corp., Murata Technology.

(2) Guangdong Shenzhen Export Processing Park

Founded in 2000, the Guangdong Shenzhen Export Processing Park is part of the country's first batch of export processing zones. Preferential policies on band margins, taxes and overseas currencies are offered in the zone, which is the only export processing zone in China that offers land, ocean and air transportation services in one customs section. Twenty-four-hour services are offered at the checkpoint. The park will mainly develop the modern logistics industry. Representative companies: HGST, Main Power Electrical, Xinning Logistics, Hua Xin Hang Logistics

4. Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park

Covering 4 square kilometers, the Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park is located in the Biling Hi-Tech and Kengzi areas, the south area of Julong Mountain and Pingshan River, and the Zhongji area.

The park is a hub for advanced manufacturing industries including precision machines, tools, grinding equipment, telecommunications equipment, electronic equipment, transportation equipment, special equipment manufacturing and optical-mechanical-electrical integration.

Representative companies: Chen Hsong, CIMC, Grand Technology

Four major industrial bases

1. SME headquarters base

Located in central Pingshan New District, the SME headquarters base covers 100,000 square meters, including a first phase of 30,000 square meters.

Close to main roads such as Zhongshan Boulevard and Pinglan Road, and next to the planned Metro Line 12 (to be constructed by 2015), the base is only about 45 minutes from Luohu and Futian districts by car, and 30 minutes from central Longgang District.

The base includes a zone for headquarters and R&D of listed companies, an accelerator for companies planning to go public, and a zone for venture capital and listing services. It provides excellent services for small and medium-sized enterprises. The base is targeted at becoming a new landmark, enterprise gathering place, business accelerator and incubator in Pingshan District.

Companies establishing headquarters in the base include Capcham Technology, the Romanjoy chain store, the Chaozhou and Shantou Chamber of Commerce and the Sunning chain store (East Guangdong Province).

2. Scientific and technological achievement transformation base

The scientific and technological achievement transformation base supports start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises, providing services such as land, facilities, financial assistance, technology, training and information.

Located north of Jintian Road at Tianxin Community in Pingshan District, the base covers 100,000 square meters, with floor space of about 140,000 square meters.

The base's first phase has floor space of about 60,000 square meters and will be composed of four zones: a development and research zone, an achievement transformation zone, a production and processing zone and a residential zone.

Funded and constructed by Pingshan's City Investment and Development Co., the base offers land for research, transformation, production and accommodation at low prices and supports the growth of start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Representative companies: Giantcham Technology, Fu Nan Yin Yu, H.M. Green Building Ltd.

3. Start-up base for returned overseas Chinese

The Start-up base for returned overseas Chinese will attract high-end professionals returned from overseas countries to start up businesses in Pingshan District.

Covering about 120,000 square meters, the base is composed of several industrial parks, including Innovation Industrial Park for Returned Overseas Chinese and Haikexing Industrial Park for Returned Overseas Chinese.

(1) Innovation Industrial Park for Returned Overseas Chinese Pingshan New District Innovation Industrial Park for Returned Overseas Chinese is part of the larger Huahan Technology Industrial Park. Located in central Pingshan, it covers 12,000 square meters with floor space of 23,800 square meters. The first phase has opened and covers 11,000 square meters with space for scientific research, laboratories and offices.

Representative companies: Hualikang, Newchin Technology.

(2) Haikexing Industrial Park for Returned Overseas Chinese

Haikexing Industrial Park for Returned Overseas Chinese is an important incubation base for high-end professionals in high-tech industries.

Located near Baolong Road, the park covers 106,000 square meters with floor space of 220,000 square meters. Construction of the first phase, with a total floor area of 220,000 square meters, has been completed, with total investments of about 1 billion yuan.

The park mainly offers services to companies in areas such as electronic information, energy conservation, new materials and new energy, and will introduce a batch of small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises to become a creative headquarters base in the area.

Representative company: Prosperous

4. Cultural and Creative Industrial Base

Cultural and creative industries form one of the pillar industries in Pingshan District. The Cultural and Creative Industrial Base will promote the combination of modern and traditional cultures in the area.

The base focuses on industries including creative design, cultural software, animation and gaming, new media and cultural information services, digital publication, film and entertainment, cultural tourism, intangible cultural heritage development, high-end printing and high-end craft art.

Representative companies: Huayi Bros Cultural Town, Cartoon Nation International Cultural Tourism Town, CCMG Cultural Industrial Base, ICIF Industrial Park, Kendu Animation Town, Pinghuan Sculpture Park, Golden Turtle Intellectual Valley and Dawan Hakka Intangible Cultural Heritage Park.