Tourism and Cultural Festivals in Shenzhen


There are more than 170 tourism-related and cultural festivals in Shenzhen, including Shenzhen International Tourism and Cultural Festival, Shenzhen Golden Coast Tourism Festival, Shenzhen Shajing Oyster Festival and Window of the World International Beer Festival. The Happy Valley International Magic Festival is one of the biggest magic festivals in the world, attracting top magicians from around the globe every year.

Shenzhen International Tourism and Cultural Festival

Since its beginnings in 2005, Shenzhen International Tourism Cultural Festival has become quite influential. Held from October to December annually, the festival includes multiple activities that vary each year.

Shenzhen Golden Coast Tourism Festival

Held in Yantian District in October and November every year, the festival includes events like Shenzhen (Dameisha) Beach Music Festival, Shenzhen Dameisha International Kite Festival and China (Shenzhen) International Boat Show. The festival was named one of the Top 10 Festivals in China in 2006 and is now one of the most influential tourism events in the country.

Shajing Oyster Festival


The annual December festival has been held in Shajing since 2004, featuring oyster banquets and art performances. In 2007, the festival was listed as one of the most significant events of Guangdong International Tourism and Cultural Festival. Shajing's custom of farming oysters has been recognized as one of Shenzhen's intangible cultural legacies.

Window of the World International Beer Festival

Held at Window of the World in July-August annually since 1996, the theme park festival features delicious, frothy beer from around the world. Tourists can drink their fill while enjoying performances during the festival.

Happy Valley International Magic Festival

A big event that attracts magicians from around the globe, the magic festival has been held annually since 2000 at Happy Valley theme park in Shenzhen.