Tourism Industry in Shenzhen


One of the most important and profitable tourist cities in China, Shenzhen is regarded as the capital of Chinese theme parks and tourism innovation. With sea, land and air checkpoints, Shenzhen has a safe, quick and convenient tourist transport network. Eating, living, traveling, shopping and recreating in Shenzhen are made easy and fun with ample tourism infrastructure and products and food from around the world.

In 2011, 83.52 million people visited Shenzhen, up 8.49 percent from the previous year. Overnight overseas visitors totaled 11.05 million, leading the nation's main tourist cities and representing an increase of 8.23 percent from 2010. More than 1.71 million foreign tourists stayed overnight in Shenzhen, an increase of 2.16 percent from 2010. Total tourism revenue was 73.72 billion yuan, an increase of 17.33 percent from 2010. The revenue included US$3.75 billion in foreign exchange earnings, up 17.8 percent from 2010.