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Designers’ festival in Hong Kong


 The world’s most inspiring designers and brand leaders will convene in Hong Kong for the Business of Design Week (BODW), Asia’s most significant international event on design, innovation and brands.

This year’s BODW features some of the most important names in the field of architecture, as well as prominent figures from a wide scope of creative disciplines ranging from violin making to automobile design, providing a world-renowned platform for meaningful dialogues between global design communities and internationally celebrated masters of design. A diverse range of speakers will share their own insights on emboldening the global creative community and inspiring the next generation of design talents.

As the 16th edition of the international event, this year’s thought-provoking and programmatic installation will include new sessions on “Heritage & Design,” examining family entrepreneurship and design traditions from a modern perspective, “Cultivating a Future Mindset — Creative Leadership,” which will champion the need for design-centered thinking across disciplines, and a must-attend master class by iconic architect and designer Michele De Lucchi. These new program highlights aim to further BODW’s mission of celebrating design-centered thinking and fostering good design practices, adding to an existing list of topics covering themes of “Brands & Innovation,” “Communication & Design,” “Product & Design,” “Design for Asia,” “Space & Design” and “Culture & the City.”

Dates: Dec. 4-9

Tickets: HK$1,000-4,000

Booking: www.bodw.com

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

MTR: Wan Chai Station(SD News)