SZ bio park: Spanish architect lauds efficiency

After spending four and a half years as the project manager of Phase 2 of the Biomedical Enterprise Accelerator project in Pingshan, Spanish architect José Antonio Vigara Álvarez de Perea was pleasantly surprised by the project’s execution speed and efficiency.

The boundary-breaking ‘Shawshank Redemption’ Chinese version

Applause and bravos echoed through the Pingshan Theater on Jan. 4 as the Chinese version of “The Shawshank Redemption” had its much-anticipated debut. The boundary-breaking Chinese rendition was hailed for its remarkable performance presented by a cast of foreign talents who can speak superb Chinese.

‘The Shawshank Redemption’ debuts in Pingshan

The Chinese rendition of Owen O’Neill and Dave Johns’ stage adaptation of “The Shawshank Redemption,” featuring a cast of Chinese-speaking expatriates, debuted at Pingshan Theater on Jan. 4.

SZTU Racing Studio unveils 4 new vehicle models

To mark the fifth anniversary of its establishment, the Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) Racing Studio held a ceremony Oct. 10 and unveiled four new vehicle models: a fueled Baja race car, an electric Baja race car, an electric Formula race car and an unmanned vehicle.

A glimpse into future: Riding in a robotaxi

Good news for those who love high tech and convenience: You can now take a driverless ride on robotaxi in Pingshan District

Legendary tenor Carreras gives masterclasses in Pingshan

Venezuelan explores ancient villages on Maluan Mountain

Venezuelan explores ancient villages on Maluan Mountain

UABB Pingshan embraces human touch with ‘Dawan Unplugged’

A typical Shenzhen minibus is decorated with lush plants and flowers inside, attracting curious passersby to hop on, a little red room is filled with two lively children eager to read something in front of a microphone, and a mighty structure consisting only of slabs and columns draws children to joyously play around the object. They might not know what these installations are for but they fully enjoy themselves.

Wander in Maluan Mountain in rainy season

The Maluan Mountain in Pingshan District, which is well-known for its waterfalls, flora and fauna resources and breathtaking natural scenery, is also home to ancient Hakka villages.

You name it, Pingshan has it

A group of expats visit Pingshan.

Culture enriches Pingshan, Pingshan draws friends from afar

Culture enriches Pingshan

Expatriate photographers visit Pingshan

A group of expatriate photographers visit Pingshan

"Love of Shenzhen," a gift from Lang Lang

Pianist Lang Lang, who is also the ambassador of the international image for Shenzhen, dedicated a musical piece named “Love of Shenzhen” to the city at the encore of his recital at Pingshan Theater on Aug. 14. Check out the video above to appreciate the pianist's melodious and emotional music.

Walk into the nature in Pingshan

Enjoy nature in Pingshan

A happy family of five in Pingshan

On the hot early summer afternoon of May 7, Amorn Samuel and his family were walking to a newly opened bookstore near their apartment in eastern Shenzhen's Pingshan District.

SLUSH Shenzhen 2019

SLUSH Shenzhen 2019, an event for startups, was held in Pingshan on Aug. 8, 2019. The convention with the theme, "IoT & IoV, Health Tech, AI+," which was launched by the Pingshan District Government and supported by 350 international volunteers, featured talks by 40 expert speakers from investment institutions and high-tech industries.