Pingshan International Block, located in the heart of Pingshan Subdistrict, was established in 2019 and included in Shenzhen’s first batch of 20 international blocks. This international block is rich in cultural facilities including Pingshan Library, Pingshan Theater and Pingshan Art Museum and full of high-end office buildings and entrepreneurial zones. It is an innovation and business center in east Shenzhen with accessible transportation and expat-friendly services. Pingshan International Block emphasizes the integration and innovation of international elements and local features. Various efforts have been made to improve the facilities and services in the block, creating a diverse, open and friendly environment that continues to attract talents from around the world.

The launch of Pingshan International Block, the first of its kind in Pingshan District, is an innovative and trailblazing practice. The subdistrict office has choreographed the international block as a featured community with a livable environment, an advanced governance model and favorable services for overseas talents.